Meeting Cost

Meetings are optimized to provide a great business development platform for your networking needs. This year is made special as we will be holding our Network Event in Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Early Bird Rate: USD 850.00 / person (expires on August 2, 2017)
Regular Rate: USD 999.00 / person



Pre-arranged meetings thru Face-to-Face Scheduler
Access to The Freight Summit Conference
Cocktail Reception
Coffee breaks and snacks during the conference
Conference Lunch
Conference Kit and Giveaways
Group Outing



Referral Discount: USD 50.00 per successfully signed up referred forwarder non-network member (will be given during the event.)


*Focused Cargo Network Cancellation and Refund

Focused Cargo Network ensures that all our delegates have their own essentials during the event. Delegates who will cancel after they have arranged their payment can use their conference fee for other organized events by RWSolutions.

Paid delegates who are unable to attend other organized events by RWSolutions will be eligible to receive a 50% refund.



  • Limited members per territory


  • All companies background checked
  • All companies bad debt insured
  • Minimum of 3 Years Track Record


  • For forwarders looking for new partners and new opportunity


Globalization has offered everyone to buy and sell goods from anywhere in the world, offering manufacturers the possibility in producing on global scale. With an ever-growing global economy, businesses continue to participate in the global market and forwarders are asked to serve from practically anywhere.

With the trend of Globalization economic values change everyday, trading will continue to introduce new partners, with greater origins and greater destinations, turning trade into a web of more equally distributed participants.


The main challenge of a forwarder is to being able to offer customers a global solutions for all their logistics needs, competing with already established multinational network of freight forwarding companies. Although independent forwarders have a slightly bigger cut of the global freight market, multinational are overtaking unprepared independents year by year.

The main challenges of a forwarder is to ensure that his partner is motivated to develop business together, operates with excellence and is reliable in payment.


Focused Cargo Network is a new RW managed forwarders network, it is fast growing and is credit-risk mitigated environment, where all forwarders are payment quality of agents by performing background checks to all forwarders that have applied to the network.

As the network is fresh with new participants, highly motivated companies join the network to look for new business development partners to develop new business together.