Post Event Summary

The Focused Cargo Network has recently concluded its Kick-Off Meeting with a success! The event was held last October 19 to 22, 2015 at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Thailand. Delegates were pleased to meet their fellow members to strengthen their relationship which will help them maximize and develop their business.




The Focused Cargo Network has recently concluded its Kick-Off Meeting with a success! The event was held last October 19 to 22, 2015 at Sheraton Pattaya Resort in Thailand. Delegates were pleased to meet their fellow members to strengthen their relationship which will help them maximize and develop their business.


Focused Kick-Off Meeting was attended by more than 100 independent freight forwarding CEOs and Decision makers from all over the globe. Focused Cargo Network serves as a platform for independent freight forwarders that are looking for new business opportunities and create partnerships that will help them thrive in the logistics industry.

Photo 1: Michael Yeoh (Privilege Logistics Sdn. Bhd.,Malaysia), Daniel Mayland (Ertransit, Spain),  Marsanto Santo (P.T. Dunia Jasa Global, Indonesia) and James Yang (Dolphin Logistics Co. Ltd., Taiwan)
Photo 2: Auke van Saten (Geba Trans B.V., Netherlands), Prathap Sridharan ( AGIL Freight Logistics Group, Qatar), Benjamin Yoo (Human n Logis, South Korea), Qais Abdulla (Logical Freight Services LLC, UAE),  Arun Kumar (Orbit Shipping Services LLC, UAE), and Mark Millar
Photo 3: Karon Lui (Consolidator International Co.,Ltd., Hong Kong) and Mohamed Bouroid (Insight Logistics, Morocco)


Focused Kick-Off Meeting officially opened with a Welcome Cocktail Reception at the Latitude Lounge, Sheraton Pattaya Resort on the evening of Registration Day (October 19, 2015). It was an evening of fun, and our delegates were able to meet other agents who registered during the day.

Photo 1: Cheryl Spears (U.S. Group Consolidator Inc., USA), Nutchapol Thanyarattakul (Multi Air Services Co., Ltd., Thailand) and Mahendra Sonsurkar (New Globe Logistik LLP, India)
Photo 2:Amir Khan (Dynamic World Wide Logistics, Pakistan) Charmine Tellis (Air Cargo Trader LLC, UAE),  Julie Guo (Grand International Shipping Co.,Ltd., China) and Sharon Fonseca ( Air Cargo Trader LLC, UAE)
Photo 3: Katarzyna Abracham (Interlace Poland, Poland) and Kenny Yiu (City Cargo (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong)


On October 20, Focused Global Network Director, David Abrenilla officially welcomes the delegates to the Focused Kick-Off Meeting and gave updates about the network and its developments. David also announced the #FOCUSEDPattaya2015 Selfie Competition which is open to all delegates to share their selfie during the meeting. Mark Millar, our keynote speaker, gave a talk about “Future of Logistics – Outlook for Freight Forwarders” . Download the presentation of Mark Millar by clicking the picture below. Our partner, WiseTech Global, was given the privilege to introduce and discuss their services and the background of their company to all of our delegates.


Photo 1: David Abrenilla, Focused Cargo Network Global Network Director
Photo 2: Mark Millar - Keynote Speaker
Photo 3: Ross Williams - WiseTech Global


On the afternoon of October 20 and whole day of October 22, hundreds of face to face meetings were scheduled between the delegates. The Focused Kick-Off Meeting delegates were able to forge lasting friendships and start to develop new business and ideas together.

Photo 1: Jacques Laudy (Excess International - France), James Nguyen (Eclipse Corporation - Vietnam),  Weina Chen (Excess International - France) and Vivian Vocales (Globalink Transportation & Logistics Corp - Philippines)
Photo 2: Nirav Desai (MS Logistics - India) and Cecil Chung (Sanity Freight International (China) Ltd. - Hong Kong)
Photo 3: Iñigo Carrera Rubio (Ertransit, Spain), Brighton Bingadadi (Merchants Logistics Limitada, Mozambique) and Elias Chitofo (Merchants Logistics Limitada, Mozambique)


Photo 1: Michael Jacobs (Gateway Cargo System Gmbh - Germany) and Hasnaa Badi (Link Afrika Logistics and Services - Morocco) 
Photo 2: Daniel Arifin (Samudera Pacific Maju - Makassar - Indonesia), Danny Lin (Easytrans Logistics (TianJin) Co., Ltd. - China) and Ezio Auditore (Easytrans Logistics (TianJin) Co., Ltd. - China)
Photo 3: Nutchapol Thanyarattakul (Multi Air Services Co., Ltd. - Thailand) and Roda Jane "Dhang" Dela Torre (Translogistica Internationl Freight Inc. - Philippines)



On the evening of October 20, delegates were treated to a sumptuous dinner buffet at the Drift Restaurant where they could have cocktail drinks and food while overlooking the beach and the city skyline of Pattaya.

Dinner Nightout at the Drift Restaurant, Hilton Pattaya


On October 21, we have arranged a group outing for the delegates, where they got a chance to relax and meet other delegates in a “non-business” environment setup. Most of the delegates went with us for a city tour in the Sanctuary of Truth and Big Buddha Statue. The delegates enjoyed the sights and tour during the morning and we headed over to Mantra Restaurant for their lunch.

Delegates during our group outing

In the afternoon of October 21, delegates were invited for a sunset cocktail at the Infiniti Bar where they could enjoy different cocktails and food while falling in love with the Pattaya’s picturesque sunset view. It was an afternoon of fun and relaxation.

Sunset Cocktail at Infiniti Bar, Sheraton Pattaya Resort 


Our venue, the Sheraton Pattaya Resort gave an outstanding food, service and facilities. The people will greet you with a warm smile, making our stay a memorable one! 

Sunset Cocktail at Infiniti Bar, Sheraton Pattaya Resort 


Thank you for attending FOCUSED KICK-OFF MEETING! We hope that you were able to establish good contacts with Focused Members and other freight forwarders and develop new partnerships that will enable your business to grow further.


And our #FOCUSEDPATTAYA2015 Selfie Competition Winner!





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  • Limited members per territory


  • All companies background checked
  • All companies bad debt insured
  • Minimum of 3 Years Track Record


  • For forwarders looking for new partners and new opportunity


Globalization has offered everyone to buy and sell goods from anywhere in the world, offering manufacturers the possibility in producing on global scale. With an ever-growing global economy, businesses continue to participate in the global market and forwarders are asked to serve from practically anywhere.

With the trend of Globalization economic values change everyday, trading will continue to introduce new partners, with greater origins and greater destinations, turning trade into a web of more equally distributed participants.


The main challenge of a forwarder is to being able to offer customers a global solutions for all their logistics needs, competing with already established multinational network of freight forwarding companies. Although independent forwarders have a slightly bigger cut of the global freight market, multinational are overtaking unprepared independents year by year.

The main challenges of a forwarder is to ensure that his partner is motivated to develop business together, operates with excellence and is reliable in payment.


Focused Cargo Network is a new RW managed forwarders network, it is fast growing and is credit-risk mitigated environment, where all forwarders are payment quality of agents by performing background checks to all forwarders that have applied to the network.

As the network is fresh with new participants, highly motivated companies join the network to look for new business development partners to develop new business together.